Estimated efficiency of over 1700
times higher than a normal sprayer

Why is PURIFOG more effective
than other systems on the market?

The systems on the market use disinfectant products that act on viruses
and bacteria thanks to a chemical action.They contain active ingredients
that are effective on specific strains of viruses and bacteria. The
spectrum of action of these disinfectants is therefore not
unlimited. The Purifog fluid, sprayed through the
Thermospray UR Fog Fogging Systems, it is the
only working through a mechanical action
and therefore does not go to discriminate
the type of organism but captures
every microparticulate present
in the air.


  • 1) Cleaning and hygienizing the air
  • 2) Cleaning and hygienizing the air and surfaces
  • 3) Thefts shielding


To clean and hygiene both air and surfaces in a room, the PURIFOG system uses a combination of two components with complementary action within its mixture:

  • 1) Glycole (polyalcohol)
  • 2) Qaternary ammonium compouds (surfactants)

1) Cleaning and hygienizing the air

Using normal products for cleaning and hygienizing surfaces is not enough to completely eliminate the possibility of contagion as the air is also an important source of transmission.

To eliminate all the microparticulates in the air, simply spray the Purifog fluid through the UR FOG thermospray system.

After a few minutes from the successful spraying, proceed with the ventilation of the room until the fog emitted is completely dispersed.

At this point the air inside the room will be clean and completely hygienized.

2) Cleaning and hygienizing air and surfaces

To achieve a deep cleaning and hygienization of the air and surfaces spray, inside the room, the Purifog fluid using the UR FOG thermospray systems.

After a few hours the fog will settle completely on the surfaces, dragging all the microparticles caught in the air. On the surfaces, the active ingredients (surfactants) present in the Purifog solution will be deposited uniformly.

The deposited surfactants will activate with the passage, on the surfaces, of a damp cloth thus contributing to the cleaning and hygienizing of the same.

PURIFOG Desinfect

3) Thefts shielding

URFOG Thefts Protection

The features of PURIFOG

Thoroughly cleans and make any environment hygenic

The mist remains in suspension for several hours, dragging down any particle in suspension and reaching any crack, corner, surface or wall, with an efficiency of more than 1700 times higher than a normal sprayer

It does not require the intervention of specialized operators

It can be activated remotely at night


Non-toxic mist formulation based on alcohol, water, dipropylene glycol, quaternary ammonium salts (surfactants)

It uniformly deposits on surfaces the active ingredients

Safeguarding from thieves with the UR FOG fogging systems quality


Pump Pro Plus PURIFOG

from 0 to 4000 m3


from 0 to 500 m3